Each user in Shiptheory can now specify a default printer that will be used when booking shipments.  

Please note, setting a default printer specific to a Shiptheory user is different from setting an integration/channel user specific default printer.

How does per user printing work?

Before you can start, you will need to have set up automatic printing for your Shiptheory account. If you have not yet downloaded the desktop printing client, please refer to this guide: Automatic Printing

Head over to the user management page (Main menu -> Advanced -> Manage Users), and there you can assign a default printer to each Shiptheory user.  

The default printer can be assigned either when creating a new user or editing an existing user. 

After setting this, when a user books or rebooks a shipment in with a carrier manually through the Shiptheory dashboard and a shipment is then booked with a carrier, the label will be automatically printed directly to the associated printer. If the user making the booking has a default printer assigned, the label will be automatically printed, overwriting any channel-specific printer setup rules.

How this alongside other Auto Printing Functionality

Within Shiptheory, there are several other functions to help with Automatic Printing of labels.  Default printing per channel user, carrier and the shipping rules all play a part.  

This functionality sits above the per channel user and per carrier automatic printing options, but will not override any shipping rules you have defined. Please see this article for more details.