Unlike many other couriers, Tuffnells don't return a shipment tracking number at the point of booking a shipment. Instead, tracking numbers are made available once your end-of-day manifesting has been completed and your local Tuffnells depot has processed the new, incoming shipments.

Shiptheory runs a process each night to request a tracking number from Tuffnells local depots for all shipments manifested earlier that day, starting at 1 AM; Tuffnells advises that tracking numbers won't be available from local depots until 10 PM at the earliest.

Successfully returned tracking numbers from Tuffnells are updated to your shipment information in Shiptheory.

If a tracking number is not yet available or there was a problem requesting updated details, an error message will be added to your shipment's event history and the shipment will be retried the following hour up to a maximum of 5 retries.

Important: You must manifest your Tuffnells consignments for the tracking number to be downloaded at 1 AM. Tuffnells will only provide a tracking number after you have manifested your consignments,

For any help or support regarding this or anything else, just reach out to the support team.