As per the new IOSS regulations for International trade, Shiptheory will now automatically send an IOSS number to carriers as needed.

It may be the case for you, that you have multiple IOSS numbers, and as such, need to specify the IOSS in the channel, rather than using one for all order. This is now possible through Brightpearl;

Within Brightpearl, you'll want to set up a custom field to populate the IOSS number into. This needs to be set up as a sales custom field. In Brightpearl, you'll need to go to the settings menu, select Custom Fields from the left hand menu bar and then Sales.

You can see below we have some fields set up. The IOSS Number in this example has the code "PCF_IOSSNUMB"

Once this is set up, you'll then need to tell Shiptheory the field code so that it can be pulled through. To do this, head into the "Advanced Settings" in your Brightpearl settings in Shiptheory, and find the field:

Adding the IOSS from within Shiptheory

If you would rather add the IOSS directly into Shiptheory rather than setting up a brand new custom field in Brightpearl. or perhaps even to cover for when you forgot to specify the IOSS number when sending through your Goods Out Notes to us, you can do so via Shiptheory's Company Details page.

This page can be accessed by clicking on your email in the top right corner of your Shiptheory dashboard, then clicking Advanced -> Company Details. From here you can specify your IOSS that will be used when one isn't supplied from your Brightpearl connection.

You can also specify your International VAT, IOSS, etc numbers via the shipping rules, you can see a full guide on how this is done here

If you have any issues from there, please contact Support.