What is an SKU?

An SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit, is a code used to internally track a business’s inventory. The idea is that each SKU is unique to each product in a business and never reused.

SKU Rules:

Shiptheory operated on the basis that each product SKU that is passed from your sales platform to Shiptheory is unique. Having products or product variants with the same SKU in your sales system can cause Shiptheory to pass the wrong product or product variant details to a carrier or print the wrong information on a label or document. It is therefore of paramount importance that your SKUs are unique

Where to see your SKUs:

Shiptheory imports and saves product information when orders or shipments are received from your channel. It does not import your entire catalog automatically.

In Shiptheory your SKUs can be found by navigating to the Product Catalog. To navigate to the Product Catalog click on your account at the top of the page then click ‘Products’ and then ‘View Products’ as shown below:

If you're unsure about SKU usage in Shiptheory and need help, get in touch with our support team and we'd be happy to help you.