In some cases you may want to replace the billing email and contact number on your shipment with the email and contact number of the recipient of the shipment. 

To allow this functionality, you must first have custom fields added to your Woocommerce store via a plugin of your choice.

Once you have custom fields set up, navigate to your Woocommerce settings in Shiptheory and navigate to advanced settings. There you will see the following fields: 

These fields accept the meta name of your custom field within your Woocommerce store. For example this could look like: 

Copy your meta name from the field settings in Woocommerce and paste it into the related field in advanced settings. For example:

Save your changes. Shiptheory will now look for fields with this name, grab the information in it and overwrite the billing information. 

Important: Once the custom checkout field is set, Shiptheory will always grab the information within the custom field and use it to overwrite the billing information with the shipping information. In order to allow orders to return to grabbing billing information and not shipping information you must remove the field names from the settings.