When sending orders to DHL, you may want orders to be sent with DDP rather than DAP, however, there's a few steps here to ensure that if you're using DDP, it will send correctly.

Within the DHL advanced settings in Shiptheory, you can find the option for this. Head to the bottom of your DHL settings page in Shiptheory and click "advanced settings":

At the bottom of this, you'll then see the option for the Duty Payee:

There are two important parts to this;

Firstly, you'll want to ensure that the Duty Payee is set to The Sender so that Shiptheory knows to send as DDP rather than DAP.

Secondly, you'll want to ensure that the Duty Account Number is filled in and it's filled in with a valid Duty Account Number. If this field is left blank or filled in with an invalid number, the shipments will send as DAP. If you're unsure of the Duty Account Number to use there, it's worth confirming with DHL.

If you have any issues that we can help with there, please Contact Support