You may find when using Bluepark with Shiptheory, that orders are updating in Shiptheory when you update them between statuses in Bluepark;

This is due to the way that Bluepark webhooks work. With Bluepark Webhooks, there are two modes;

-Send new orders to Shiptheory
-Send orders to Shiptheory when the status changes

With this, we're unable to have Shiptheory pull orders through on a specific status, as this level of detail isn't available in what is sent over from Bluepark.

As such, with the trigger status option in the BluePark advanced settings, the "All Products Picked" and "One Product Picked" will use the status change webhook, meaning that for every update in Bluepark, this will update the order in Shiptheory:

With the above, it also means that you may risk hitting an API limit if you bulk update too many orders. As such, we recommend to update orders in Bluepark in smaller batches, to ensure that any updates sent through don't overload the system there.