Shiptheory communicates with InstaDispatch via their API.  In order for Shiptheory to be able to book shipments with InstaDispatch, it will need your InstaDispatch Account Number, API Key and carrier and service codes.  These can be requested from InstaDispatch when you are ready to integrate the two services.  

Setup Shiptheory carrier settings.

When you are ready to setup InstaDispatch as a carrier in your Shiptheory account, login, select manage carriers and find InstaDispatch in the list of carriers and click add.  

On the following screen, enter the account information you received from InstaDispatch:

Once you have entered this information, click "Test Connection" to verify that you have successfully established a connection to InstaDispatch. 

There are several Advanced settings for InstaDispatch which you should review to make sure you have filled out all the necessary information.  Once you have completed those options, click Save and you should be ready to book shipments with InstaDispatch.