If you receive this error, this means that Shiptheory has managed to connect successfully with your WooCommerce store, but the response that Shiptheory has received is invalid or not usable. This could happen for a number of reasons, but the checks below might help to identify the issue.

 In a web browser, navigate to https://YOUR_WEBSITE/wp-json/wc/v2, replacing YOUR_WEBSITE with your site's domain. You should see a lot of text in your browser window similar to the image below:

The text should start with {"namespace":"wc\/v2","routes":{

If you don't see any text or if any other text appears before {"namespace":"wc\/v2","routes":{, (for example, an error message from another WordPress plugin), Shiptheory is going to have problems receiving responses from your WooCommerce store.

Please note: Shiptheory are unable to assist with resolving any errors with your WordPress or WooCommerce stores.

For anything else, please reach out to the Shiptheory support team.