Integrated labels can now be configured to print over multiple pages.  Until now, if an integrated label was setup with a product table, and the shipment had a large number of products, the table would be cut off at the end of the page.  With this option enabled, the integrated label will now print over multiple pages, if the product table overflows the first page.  

This option can be set within the advanced options of the edit integrated label page.  

In addition to this option, there is now the ability to set margins on the Integrated Label design.  This will help with the page overflow, as it will allow you to specify a margin to cope with any parts of the page which are not printable.  

If any other items are placed below the product table when the overflow is turned on, the product table will overlay on top of the other items.  If you are going to enable the overflow, you should make sure that you haven't placed any other options below the product table.