It's possible to define an 'export reason' for ILG bookings by setting the export reason on the ILG settings page or by adding an override to a shipping rule.

To add an export reason at the ILG settings page, access the ILG settings page, select Advanced Settings and enter your export reason in the Reason for Export field.

Setting Reason for Export in Shipping Rule

To define an export reason as part of your shipping rules, create a new rule or edit an existing rule and select Advanced Settings. Below Advanced Settings is the Update Shipment Details section where shipment information may be overwritten. Choose 'Reason for Export' from the select menu, set 'Equals' from the next menu and then enter your export reason in the field to the right. Finally click the green plus button to add the override. Select the Save button to save your changes to the rule.

Export Documentation

If you have selected to use Shiptheory customs documentation, the reason for export will be reflected on customs declarations and commercial invoices. If your shipment uses a CN23 form and have set a reason for export this reason will be shown on the form in the Explanation field with the Other option selected as shown below.

For CN22 forms, the Other option is selected however there is no description of the export reason.

If you have any issues or queries, feel free to contact support.