In order for Shiptheory to receive shipping charges from your order details, separate from other products and line items, you will need to tell Shiptheory which nominal code you use for shipping and delivery charges in your Brightpearl account. Once this is set, Shiptheory will identify your order's shipping charges and separate these from the total order contents value.

Which nominal code do have set for shipping in Brightpearl?

In your Brightpearl account, navigate to SettingsĀ and, from the left menu, select Company > Accounting: Accounts. Scroll down to the Shipping on sales setting:

Set your shipping and delivery nominal code

Navigate to your Brightpearl integration settings in Shiptheory and scroll down to the Shipping Charges Nominal Code setting. Here will be a list of all of the nominal codes configured on your Brightpearl account:

From this list, select which code is set up as your Shipping on sales setting in Brightpearl (see above).

If you find that the dropdown menu is empty or is missing a code present in your Brightpearl account, click the blue Refresh Nominal Codes button to the right to download an up-to-date list from Brightpearl.

Should you have any further questions on this or anything else, just reach out to the Shiptheory support teamĀ who will be happy to help.