If you find that products that are part of a bundle in Brightpearl are being downloaded into Shiptheory with a value of 0, check that the Bundle Products Prices & Weights in your Brightpearl settings in Shiptheory is set to "Enabled". You can find this setting by navigating to your Brightpearl settings in Shiptheory, clicking on the grey Advanced icon in the bottom left of the page and scrolling down.

Once enabled, Shiptheory will automatically calculate the price of each of your bundles' products, from the price the bundles are listed on your orders and in proportion to each of the products' original prices.

For example, we have a bundle of three products with a price of £20.00, comprised of Product A (normally £9.00), Product B (normally £7.50) and Product C (normally £12.50). When downloaded into Shiptheory, each product would have the following prices:

  • Product A - £6.00 (30%)
  • Product B - £5.00 (25%)
  • Product C - £9.00 (45%)


  • If a bundle contains only products with a value of 0, the bundle price will be split evenly between all of the bundle component products.
  • If a bundle contains a mixture of products - some with a value of 0 and some with a value greater than 0 - the products with a value of 0 will be downloaded into Shiptheory with a value of 0.
  • In the case that a bundle is split across multiple Goods Out Notes, Shiptheory is only able to calculate individual bundle product prices on a 'per-Goods Out Note' basis and this may affect the final price shown for each bundle component.

Should you have any questions about this or anything else, please just get in touch with our support team