In Shiptheory, your orders have the option to be "Archived" on the dashboard. Archiving a shipment means that it will no longer be visible in the "Ready to Print" or "Ignored" or any other tab on the dashboard, it will only now be visible in the "All" tab.

For example, say we have an order that has booked in and is sat in "Ready to Print":

If this order is either printed or archived, it will move from "Ready to Print" and only be visible in "All":

Archiving can be done manually as shown above by selecting an order, or, this also happens automatically after 24 hours. So, to use the same example as above. If that order wasn't printed or archived, and simply sat in "Ready to Print", after 24 hours, that would then auto archive and only be visible in the "All" tab.

For some users, auto archiving may be a good way to clear orders out of the way. But, for some users that may not print their labels for 24 hours and want them to remain there until they manually access them; auto archiving can be turned on and off in your Shiptheory settings.

In the "Advanced" section of your Shiptheory dropdown, you can see "Auto Archive":

Please also see a direct link here

On this page you can then choose to turn auto archiving on or off:

It's worth noting that by default, this setting is turned on. 

If you have any questions or issues from there, please feel free to contact Support.