It is possible to download the intended shipping date from orders in WooCommerce to use to schedule shipping labels and deliveries. WooCommerce does not provide a shipping date field by default, but third-party extensions can be used to add a shipping date field to various places in your WooCommerce store, for example, on your checkout page.

There are several WooCommerce extensions that provide similar functionality, however, we recommend Delivery Date by Yith. The Yith module is a paid extension, used by almost 6000 stores and has a 97% satisfaction rating. Once you have installed and configured the Delivery Date extension to add a shipping date field, the order data Shiptheory downloads will contain the field data. For example, if you created a checkout field to collect the shipping date and named the field 'shipping_date', Shiptheory will see the below in your order data:

The 'key' field is automatically generated by the Yith plugin, 'ywcdd_order_shipping_date' in this case. This field key name needs to be added to your WooCommerce advanced settings in Shiptheory. From the main menu in Shiptheory, browse to your WooCommerce settings and expand the Advanced Settings found at the bottom left of the page: 
You will see a field named Shipping Date Meta Field. Enter the key name from above into this field and Save. For example:

From then onwards, any orders that come into Shiptheory from this WooCommerce store with a value in this field will have a shipping date set in Shiptheory. Please note, different carriers use shipping dates in different ways, some not at all. Please refer to this guide to check if your carrier supports shipping dates.

Regardless of your carrier, you can schedule shipping rules to create labels using this shipping date. For more information, see 'channel ship date' in this guide on scheduling shipping labels.

Need help adding a date field to WooCommerce or finding the meta data key name?

The Yith team are WooCommerce experts. For help with the shipping date field, please reach out to their team. After you have your shipping date field ready, if you need help connecting on the Shiptheory end, please contact us.

Can I use a different WooCommerce plugin?

Yes you can, providing the plugin adds a field to the meta_data section of the order json, and the contents of the field is a valid date format. You will need to make sure the key field from your plugin is used in the Shipping Date Meta Field in your advanced settings. While we are happy to assist where we can, if you need help with a plugin or custom shipping date field in WooCommerce, we are likely to refer to the Yith plugin, as it is highly recommended and widely used.