When exporting items with Parcelforce there is an assumption that duty on the item will be paid or unpaid depending upon the type of service used.

Parcelforce's default position is that, when using commercial services the shipment is treated as duty paid and when using postal services the shipment is treated as duty unpaid.

The main services are listed below as commercial or postal services.


EPB – euroPriority

EPK – euroPriorityPack

GEX – globalExpress

GXP – globalExpressPack

GXE – globalExpressEnvelope

Note that an exception applies to the three globalExpress services.  All are treated as commercial with two exceptions - Jersey and Guernsey.  Any Jersey and Guernsey shipments are postal for these services.


EPH – euroEconomy

EPP – euroPriorityHome PO Boxes

GPR – globalPriority