Since early 2019, Shiptheory has been working hard to ensure our retailers experience the minimum friction possible after Brexit. We have released an international product checking tool and created several new tools to make it easier to update product data, and have been working closely with carriers to ensure our integrations are compatible from the 1st of January.

Shiptheory integrates with Tuffnells via the Tuffnells EDI system. This system allows platforms such as Shiptheory to automatically interface and book consignments. The Tuffnells EDI system does not currently support several data fields, such as the EORI number and various product commodity fields required to ship to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after Brexit. Furthermore, Tuffnells have announced they have no plans to make it possible for integrated systems to automatically transfer this data. This means Shiptheory is unable to send Tuffnells the data needed for retailers to ship to Ireland without issue.

How do I book Tuffnells pallets to Ireland after Brexit?

Tuffnells have advised that shippers will need to manually enter consignments bound to Northern and Southern Ireland via their TPE Web portal

In the future, if Tuffnells make it possible for external systems to book international shipments, we will update our integration accordingly.

If you have questions regarding booking pallets via the Tuffnells web portal, please contact Tuffnells IT Support. If you have general questions about shipping internationally after Brexit, please feel free to reach out to Shiptheory support.