When booking shipments in with The Pallet Network (from this point on, referred to as TPN), you may notice that after a certain point of the day, your labels will start to print off with the next day's date on them rather than the current day's date. Alternatively, you may be looking for a way to ensure that after a certain point in the day, orders are booked for the following day.

This can all be managed in your Shiptheory TPN settings page, which allows you to specify your Earliest and Latest Collection Cut-off times:

The two times you specify there will outline the time period in which you expect your TPN collections daily. There are two important things to note with this:

  • Your latest collection time can be no later than 5PM

  • Any shipments booked after your Earliest Collection time will book in for the next day

The second point there is important, as you'll need to ensure you don't send any parcels for the current day after your Earliest Collection Time. For example, if your Earliest collection time was 3PM, and you booked in an order even at 3:05PM, that would book for the next day, which then affects tracking and delivery. After any changes made on the TPN settings page, ensure you hit Save.

If you have any questions regarding this, or have issues following this guide, please feel free to contact Support.