Shiptheory allows you to specify the number of boxes for a shipment by adding an extra line of information to your orders within Bluepark.

Setting Number of Boxes for an Order

To do this, view the order within Bluepark. This can be done by selecting Orders > View from the main dashboard to view the Order Manager page.

Then select the specific order for which you want to set the number of boxes.

At the Order Processor page, where the order is shown, click the green pencil icon at the top-right of the page.

At the Admin comments box within the Additional Information section of the Order Editor page, type boxes=X on a new line, where X is the whole number of boxes for the shipment, e.g. boxes=2 for 2 boxes.

The number of boxes can be added in addition to any admin notes for the order. As long as the "boxes = X" is on a new line, Shiptheory will automatically separate the comments from the boxes information.

Then click the disk button at the top-right of the page to save the change.