If you've received your Live details from DHL for Shiptheory, these being;

  • Account Number
  • DHL Site ID
  • DHL API Password

But you may find that upon entering these details into Shiptheory, you receive an "Authentication Failed" error message on the Test Connection:

The first step here is to ensure that you've entered these details exactly as DHL gave you, as these have to be exact to connect to the DHL system.

After checking this, the next step, and the main thing we see causing these issues is ensuring that your connection with DHL in Shiptheory is set to "Live" rather than "Test". This can be changed by scrolling to the bottom of the DHL Shiptheory settings page and clicking "Advanced Settings":

Then change the setting as shown below to "No - I want real labels":

After that, please try the test connection again and you should see a positive connection:

If you've tried both of these things but you're still having issues, please feel free to Contact Support.