DHL Parcel UK required both a delivery contact email address and a phone number for all shipments. Both are required even if email or SMS notifications are not enabled for your shipments. This is a requirement by DHL Parcel UK.

If you are not able to provide both pieces of information for all of your shipments, Shiptheory does offer Default Contact Phone Number and Default Contact Email Address settings where you can enter a number and email address that can be supplied if one or both pieces of information are not available in your shipment data:

To find these settings, head to your DHL Parcel UK settings, click the grey Advanced SettingsĀ icon in the bottom left and scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter a phone number and/or email address and click Save.

Please note: You are responsible for any phone numbers and/or email addresses entered into these settings and submitted as part of your shipment bookings.