At the end of each day, once all of your USPS shipments have been booked in, you might want to generate a USPS SCAN form ready for your collection. A SCAN form (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) enables your USPS driver to accept all of your packages with a single scan of a bar code instead of scanning each of your packages one at a time.

Note: Only the shipments booked on the current day are available to manifest. A SCAN form should be generated at the end of each day.

Generating a SCAN form is quick and easy as explained below. There are also a few settings you may wish to review before generating your first form, detailed further down this page.

How to generate a USPS SCAN form (How to Manifest)

From any page in Shiptheory, click on your username in the top-right blue menu, click USPS and select the Manifest option from the sub-menu:

You will be taken to your USPS manifest page to review your shipments before generating a SCAN form:

The total number of shipments ready to be manifested is detailed at the top of the page. If you want to review the shipments that will be included before generating the SCAN form, click the Manage Manifest button. You can remove any cancelled shipments from here if needed.

Once you are ready to complete the process, click Finalise Manifest. Once completed, a SCAN form PDF will be displayed for you to print. If there were any errors, these will be displayed for you to check and try again.

Shiptheory SCAN/Manifest Settings

There are a few manifest-specific options available in your USPS settings for you to be able to customise the SCAN forms that Shiphtheory generates. To view these, go to your USPS settings in Shiptheory and in the bottom left, click the grey Advanced Settings icon and scroll down the page to the Manifesting & SCAN forms section:

By default, Shiptheory will use your company Shipping Location address as the address printed in the top-right of your SCAN forms. If you would like to use a different address, change the Manifest Shipping Location Address setting to "Use The Address Entered Below". A Manifest Shipping Location option will appear for you to enter a different address to use:

The Print SCAN Form Instructions setting controls whether an additional instructions page is included as part of your generated SCAN forms.

If you have any questions or need any help, just reach out to the Shiptheory support team who will be more than happy to help!