USPS requires validation of all United States addresses before booking shipments. The validation provides an address confidence rating and any improvement suggestions according to address formatting guidelines. Shiptheory offers two options to set how you would like to handle shipments based on the address validation results.

Address Validation Level

USPS can return an address confidence level of Full, Partial or fail. Here you can set whether Shiptheory should automatically book shipments that return only a Full confidence rating or a Full or Partial confidence rating. If a shipment address returns a confidence level lower than you have set here, Shiptheory will not book the shipment and will return an error message for your attention.

USPS will not book shipments that have failed address validation and these will need to be corrected first. International addresses are not validated.

Address Validation Suggestions

USPS might also return recommendations to improve the accuracy, clarity or formatting of your shipment addresses, e.g. "123 Main Street" as "123 Main St" or "Kalifornia" as "Califonia". Any recommendations to the address City, State or Zip Code must be applied, but you can select whether to automatically accept any other recommendations or changes.

For any other help and support, just reach out to the Shiptheory support team!