When shipping internationally, some carriers require the Tax ID of the delivery recipient, be it a commercial tax ID in the case of a company or a personal tax ID in the case of an individual person. It is possible to download this additional field from Brightpearl when Shiptheory picks up your orders.

To have Shiptheory download this data, create a Sales Custom Field in Brightpearl for the Tax ID, this Tax ID will be the recipients personal/company tax number.

1. Add Custom Sales Fields to Brightpearl

In Brightpearl, you'll need to go to the settings menu, select Custom Fields from the left-hand menu bar and then Sales.

Here you'll see any custom fields you have already created in Brightpearl. Each field has a name (the name you see) and a 'field code'  The field code is what you'll need in a minute. Take a note of it. In the screenshot below we've created our field with code PCF_TAXID.

2. Configure Shiptheory

Within your Shiptheory account, browse to the Brightpearl Settings page and scroll to the bottom. You will see a Cog icon in the bottom left. Click to expand advanced settings...

Find the Tax ID Custom Field field and enter the Field code you just created in Brightpearl, then save.

Now, any orders that contain data in this field in Brightpearl will be downloaded by Shiptheory as orders are shipped and sent to your couriers.

Need Help?

If you have having trouble setting up custom fields, please get in touch. We are happy to help.