If you wish to have shipment notification emails sent to your recipients, you will need to ensure that a valid email address is supplied as part of your shipment's delivery address, and to select an enhancement that supports notification emails as part of your Shiptheory shipping rule(s) or when manually booking a shipment, e.g. "Tracking" or "Signature Confirmation".

Customise Shipping Notification Emails

There are a few options that will allow you to customise your shipping notifications. From your USPS settings in Shiptheory, click Advanced Settings in the bottom-left of the screen and scroll down to the following settings:

  • Receive Delivery Notification Emails
    Enable this option to receive a delivery confirmation email to the Stamps.com account holder's email address when delivery is completed. This option does not enable emails to be sent to delivery contacts.

  • Shipment Notification Email "From" & Shipment Notification Email Subject
    These options allow you to customise how your shipment notification emails appear to your customers. You can select whether to have your Stamps.com account name (first name and last name) or Company name appear in your email's "from" line and Subject lines.

  • Shipment Notification Email Items
    Enable this option to have up to 10 of your order items detailed in any notification emails in addition to the normal email content.

  • CC Notification Emails to Account Holder
    Enable this option to have a copy of any notification emails sent to your customers sent to the email address of your Stamps.com account.