Within the Unleashed integration setting there is an option to enable updating your shipments with the courier name every time one of your shipments is booked in, by default this is turned off due to needing to setup what Unleashed calls Shipping Companies on their side.

Note: Unleashed have a guide on this, however it's as simple as clicking here to go to your Shipping Companies setup page and adding the name of the courier. 

When setting up Shipping Companies in Unleashed, the name has to be exactly the same as the default courier name shown in Shiptheory, so if you have changed the names of your couriers, you can simply go to the Manage Couriers page and scroll down to the section where you would usually add a courier, the names shown on each courier are what we consider the default name and you can find these by following the below.

Once you have all the couriers added as Shipping Companies in Unleashed you'll want go into your Unleashed settings within Shiptheory and enable the below option. From this point, any new shipments that are booked in will have the courier name alongside the tracking number returned to the Unleashed shipment.

Important Note: It is very important that you keep your Shipping Companies up to date as if we attempt to send a courier back that is not setup as a Shipping Company, Unleashed will prevent us from updating the shipment at all. This means you would not receive any tracking information either.

If you have any issues with this please get in touch with support and we would be happy to help!