Getting Started...

If you would like the ability to use picking lists in Shiptheory and scan your shipment barcodes to book in your shipments, our Pick Pack Ship page will allow you to do this. To find this you'll first want to navigate to the Barcode Scanning page and then click on "Try Pick Pack Ship" as shown below

This is the page where you'll be scanning barcodes and in return you will get picking lists which and then be able to book the shipment in, this booking is done by running the shipment through your shipping rules.

Normally, if you were to bring a shipment into Shiptheory while your rules are enabled you would trigger the rules and your shipments would book in. However if you were to set your shipping rules to "Mark shipment for approval" this would allow your shipments to come through into Shiptheory, match the rule and at that point it will be on standby, ready to be scanned in and create a picking list for you. This option can be found by editing and going into one of your shipping rules and clicking on the advanced settings as per the image below.

Using Pick Pack Ship...

Once you have your rules setup and you have scanned your first barcode in you will be brought to a page like this for the shipment you scanned

From here you can either click on each product to pick them, or if you would prefer to scan the product barcodes to pick them, all you would need to do is click on the option in the middle of the page CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE BARCODE READER.

Once you've picked all the products on the shipment it will be ran through the rules, booked in and you should see a screen similar to the below image

From here you can either print the PDF manually, or let the label print how you usually print labels (all the different methods can be found here). You can also scan in your next shipment in the barcode field shown in the top right of the screenshot.

This covers the basic usage of our Pick Pack Ship page but there are a few settings that you can configure to tailor the process to your workflow, they are covered in this support guide.

If you have any question or issues with this please get in contact with support.