Shiptheory has the ability to generate a virtual picking list for you to pick and book in your shipments, The basics of this are covered in this guide. There are however, a number of settings you can change to tailor the Picking and Packing process to your current workflow, each of the settings are listed below and their functionality will be explained.


From the Pick Pack Ship starting page, click advanced settings to get started configuring Pick Pack Ship. 

Select the Shipment Barcode Reference

The barcode you scan in by default will be assumed to be the shipment number, however you can change this to the order number so that any barcodes that you can in, we'll look for any shipments in your Shiptheory account with the corresponding order number

Action Upon Scanning a Barcode

When you initially scan your barcode into the Pick Pack Ship page we'll create a picking list for all the products on the shipment, if you'd prefer we skip the picking list and instead we jump straight to booking it in you'll want to change the below setting to Ship Order - No Confirmation Screen

Select the Product Barcode Reference

After creating a picking list you have the option of either clicking on a product to Pick it, or you can scan a barcode to pick the related to product. Below you can see the two options we have for what we see your scanned product barcode as, by default its the SKU but if you'd like to use a product barcode that we receive from your sales channel then you can change this setting to Product Barcode 

Require all products to be picked

When picking your products normally we will only process the shipment through the rules once all the products have been picked. If you'd like an option to book the shipment in even when all the products haven't been picked, the option below will allow for that

Automatically process when picking is complete

After picking all of your products your shipment will automatically be run through the rules, if you'd prefer to require confirmation before running it through the rules then select No - Require Confirmation. This will allow you to double check everything after you've picked all the products.

Allow already booked shipments to be re-scanned

By default if you scan in a shipment barcode that has already booked in we display a warning, letting you know this, but you'll still be able to book it in, if you would like Shiptheory to prevent you from booking in those shipments at all and display the error This shipment has already been completed, and your settings prevent it from being re-scanned then please disable this option.

Ignore any scheduling enabled on your rules

Within the configuration of each of your shipping rules there is a section when you can add a schedule to it, for example any shipments that match the rule will be booked in tomorrow. in 3 days or perhaps even next Monday (this can be read about in detail here). If, when using our Pick Pack Ship page, you would like your shipments to ignore the scheduling then make sure this setting is set to Yes - Ignore Rule Schedules, however if you would still like to respect your rules schedules select No - Respect rule schedules.

Setting up a printer to work with Pick Pack Ship

Shiptheory's Pick Pack Ship feature now has the functionality to print to your desired printer when using. To do this, you'll first need to ensure you have the Shiptheory Print Client installed and working on the PC connected to your desired printer(s). To get this enabled with Pick Pack Ship you need to find the option for Printer Selection and change that to Yes

After saving that, you'll then be able to select a printer to print your Pick Pack Ship orders to as you go:

Once that is set up and ready to go, the next step will be configuring Pick Pack Ship to send to that printer when using.

Using keyboard shortcut to take reading from scales with Pick Pack Ship

You can now use keyboard shortcuts to speed up measuring weights (from scales) during your packing process. To do this, you'll first need to ensure you have enabled scales for your Shiptheory portal and have connected your desired scale(s) to your PC. To enabled keyboard shortcuts with Pick Pack Ship you need to find the option for Scales Keyboard Shortcut and change it to Yes.  (Note: The option will only be available once you enable scales for Shiptheory)

These settings should allow you to tailor the picking process to your own individual workflow, if you have any queries about this feel free to get in touch with our support team.