By default, Shiptheory will receive and try to process your orders from 3dcart as soon as they’re created in the platform. However, there are two different options for how Shiptheory deals with orders from 3dcart. 

Creating shipments from 3dcart

These two options can be found in the General Settings of 3dcart in Shiptheory.

Shipment Mode-

Upon an order being created in 3dcart, a shipment is also created for that order. Using “Shipment mode” will mean Shiptheory will receive the shipment created by 3dcart to process and will therefore use that same shipment for passing back updates and tracking information.

Order Mode-

If this option is selected, it will mean that Shiptheory will create a duplicate shipment in 3dcart to use instead, rather than the original created by 3dcart. This duplicate created by Shiptheory will therefore be used to process in Shiptheory and will receive updates and tracking information, rather than the original.

Order Statuses

As stated before, by default, Shiptheory doesn't pay too much attention to your 3dcart order statuses. Orders will be received as soon as created and Shiptheory won't update the status itself. However, this can be changed in the settings on the Shiptheory side.

You're able to change the status that Shiptheory will update the order to once it has been successfully shipped in the Shiptheory side. As you can see, there are a number of different options for updating the order, including custom statuses that you may have:

You are also able to pick and choose the statuses that Shiptheory will try to process your orders from. You can select as many or as few as you like from the option in Shiptheory, and this will mean that only orders in those selected status in 3dcart will try to process in Shiptheory:

Once you have made all the changes needed, don't forget to hit "save":

Bringing through an Order manually

The first step to booking in through Shiptheory for 3dcart is to create an order in the 3dcart side:

Once you have added the customer, products and made any additions to the shipping you can click "complete order":

As long as your order is then in a status to be received and processed by Shiptheory, you should then see the order appear in your Shiptheory account:

Bringing through an order from a customer

If your orders auto create in 3dcart when placed, this will mean that by default, as soon as an order is placed in your store, it will come through to Shiptheory and try to process.

However, if you're only wanting orders to come through at a certain status, and have set the statuses for Shiptheory to receive as shown above, then orders won't process when placed by a customer necessarily, but rather when the desired status was hit.

For example, if an order was placed, and was then sat in the status of "New" in your store, but you had Shiptheory set to process orders when they hit "Shipped", you can select the order(s) in 3dcart and update them to this status:

As you can see there, we've selected the order, and then updated the status to our required process status in Shiptheory.

That order will then be free to process in Shiptheory:

If you have any issues or questions regarding this, or would like any help getting set up, please feel free to contact support.