When creating Shipping Rules within your Shiptheory account, you may want to create certain rules for locations within the UK where a next day service cannot be used.

These areas, more commonly the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland, can be easily identified by their postcodes.

A list of postcodes provided by DPD can be found on the table below:

AreaPostcode Range
AberdeenAB31 - AB35
AberdeenAB41 - AB54
Northern HighlandsAB36 - AB38
Northern HighlandsAB55 - AB56
ArgyllFK17 - FK21
Northern HighlandsHS1 - HS9
Northern HighlandsIV1 - IV63
Northern HighlandsKW0 - KW14
Orkney ShetlandKW15 - KW17
ArgyllPA20 - PA78
DundeePH15 - PH18
Northern HighlandsPH19 - PH29
Northern HighlandsPH32 - PH33
Northern HighlandsPH45 - PH48
ArgyllPH30 - PH31
ArgyllPH34 - PH44
ArgyllPH49 - PH50
Orkney ShetlandZE1 - ZE3
Northern IrelandBT

NOTE: This table was correct at the time of writing. 

When creating the rules, you will need them formatted to suit the Shiptheory Rules engine. Please find below the above postcodes formatted to work with Shiptheory's Shipping Rules.

All of The Scottish Highlands:


All of the Scottish Highland + Northern Ireland:


For more on creating Shipping Rules, you can click here for our in-depth guide.

Have any questions about creating Shipping Rules? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!