Sectigo (Previously Comodo CA) provide security certificates to websites that ensure your data is sent securely from one server to another. Essentially, they provide the "s" in the https://.

How to fix Sectigo SSL Certificate Expiry issue

The upshot is if you are experiencing SSL related issues on your website, such as customers reporting your website is not secure, problems connecting to other systems, or browser banning your website from loading, and you are using a certificate provided by Sectigo prior to May 30th 2020, you may need to update your SSL certificate.

Firsts, check if your SSL has expired by entering your websites address here. If your certificate is provided b "Sectigo" and shows as expired, as shown below, you will need to update your certificate

Please note, it is most likely that you only need to update your root certificate, that you can request the latest update of from who you purchased your security certificate from, you do not need to update or purchase a new certificate, only update the root certificate.

Why did your Sectigo SSL certificate expire out of the blue?

Your certificate did not expire, as mentioned above, you do not need to buy a new certificate. Only the root certificate provided by Sectigo expired and can be updated without changing your website certificate. Sectigo expired their root certificate to improve security. Sectigo announced the certificate would expire in advanced, however, many companies do not purchase their certificates directly from Sectigo and instead go through resellers or webhosts. The adding layer of communication could be the reason so many websites found their certificate from Sectigo had expired on May 30th unexpectantly.

Why is the SSL Certificate expiring a problem for online stores like Magento or Shopify?

For security reasons, many applications such as Shopify or Magento will check that a website has a valid certificate when sending notifications of new orders and other user-driven events. In the case where Magento or Shopify, etc, try to send a webhook to a third party alerting of a new order, for example, if the SSL certificate has expired, the request is denied.

I don't understand any of this - Can you help?

Your website administrator or webhost will need to update your root certificate, this is not something the Shiptheory team can do you for you. However, if you are unsure you are affected by this issue but are having issues sending orders from Magento, Shopify or any other e-commerce platforms since the 30th of May 2020, we are happy to check if this the issue you are facing.