If you would like Shiptheory to do something it currently doesn't do, or integrate with another platform we currently do not integrate with, please contact support to make a feature request. We make a record of each and every feature request. If a feature is requested more than once, we record those additional requests as votes for the feature.

With over 3000 (and growing) currently open feature requests, the number of votes helps us prioritise what to build next. This means, if you ask for a feature that only a small number of users have asked for before, it is likely it will be a while before we get to it. We build the features that provide the most value to the largest number of users first, to ensure we're utilising the development resource we have.

In some cases, but not all, it may be possible to sponsor the commission of a feature request. In the scenario where you would like to sponsor a feature request, we will provide a quote for development costs and a timeframe. This essentially jumps the feature request to the front of the development queue. The quote will be heavily discounted. Typically, you will be quoted around 20% of the actual development cost.

Please note; any feature you commission will be available to all of our users once released. 

Further note; not every feature is available to commission. Please contact support for more information.