When using Not On The High Street with Shiptheory, you can choose exactly when you'd like your orders to be sent across into your Shiptheory account. You're able to configure this setting from the Not On The High Street settings.

The two options for this are:

  1. Accept and Dispatch
  2. Only Accepted

When using Accept and Dispatch, all New and Accepted orders will be pulled into Shiptheory once they have been created in your Not In The High Street store.

Alternatively, if you choose Only Accepted, only orders marked as Accepted will come through to Shiptheory. New orders will not be sent over until they are moved to Accepted

Once an order comes through into Shiptheory, you'll be able to find it on your Shiptheory Dashboard. From here you can then view, edit, and book your orders in with your carriers.

For the rest of the setup of Not On The High Street within Shiptheory, you can take a look at our guide on its other settings.

Orders not coming through into Shiptheory? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand with setting this up!