Orders from Not On The High Street will come into Shiptheory when an order is either marked as 'New' Or 'Accepted' in Not On The High Street, depending on which settings you configure Shiptheory to use (see setup guide here for more info)

Once an order has come through to Shiptheory you can see it by clicking the 'All' tab which shows all your orders received by Shiptheory irrespective of its status(see: statuses explained).

Your first shipment should be there, congratulations!

If you don't see any shipment's under the all tab, but you think there should be, our support guys and gals will be more than happy to help 

You can automate your Not On The High Street orders to automatically book in with a carrier# using shipping rules. Or you can manually book in a shipment without using shipping rules.
Once a shipment is booked in the tracking number will be sent back to Not On The High Street and update the end customer along with an estimated delivery time, the delivery time sent back from Shiptheory is based on the settings you set, more can be found here.

There are many ways you can print your label in Shiptheory including having them print entirely automatically, you can read more about the various print options in Shiptheory here.

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