New Shiptheory customers:

After signing up with Shiptheory you will be prompted to select and configure a sales channel.

Existing Shiptheory customers:

Click on your account email address at the top of the website and from the drop-down menu, select Manage Channels:

Scroll down and click on the NotOnTheHighStreet logo to enable NotOnTheHighStreet on your account. It shouldn't be far, the list is in alphabetical order:

Having enabled NotOnTheHighStreet, you will be redirected to the channel settings. In order to successfully connect youaccount, you will first need to input your API Key, which can be obtained by contacting NotOnTheHighStreet Support.

Once you have obtained and entered your API Key, you should now be able to connect your account.

Now that you're connected...

You will be presented with General Settings for you to customise how NotOnTheHighStreet works with Shiptheory.

There are two ways Shiptheory can be set up to process your orders. 

1. Accept and Dispatch 

With this method all 'New' and 'Accepted' orders will be pulled into Shiptheory within a few minutes of them being created in your NotOnTheHighStreet Account.  

2. Only Accepted

The same as 'Accept & dispatch'. The difference is that 'New' orders will be ignored by Shiptheory until they are marked to 'Accepted' in your NotOnTheHighStreet account.

Dispatch Cutoff Time

This time will determine whether Shiptheory will calculate the dispatch time from the current day or a day in the future. Shiptheory will assumes that no orders are dispatched on the weekends.

Order Processing Days

The estimated dispatch time is calculated by adding this setting to the current date.

Order Delivery Days

How many days the order takes to get to the customer once it has been dispatched with a carrier.

Examples of the above 3 options in action.

If set to:

Order processing days: 1. Dispatch cut off time: 15:00. Order delivery days: 3

End results would be:

Order placed at: 16:22 on Friday 5th. Dispatch day: Monday 8th. Estimated delivery day: Thursday 11th

Order placed at: 09:22 on Friday 5th. Dispatch day: Friday 5th. Estimated delivery day: Wednesday 10th

Default Product Weights (KG)

This will be used if your NOTHS product does not have a weight assigned to it.

Advanced Settings

Scroll down on the General Settings page and click on 'Advanced Settings'. This page will let you specify how values are calculated for your order. Shiptheory can be set to calculate an orders value in a variety of ways. This is the value that will be sent to the carrier and would be used for insurance claims.

Promotion Discounts

You can choose from three options on how you want your promotion discounts applied; 1 Apply to Products, 2 Apply to Total or 3 Ignore (see above for descriptions).

Specify Shipping

You can choose from two options for your shipping cost inclusion; 1 Include Shipping, 2 Deduct Shipping (see above for descriptions).

Commodity Data for International Shipping

If you use international shipping you will need to fill out the 'Commodity Data' section at the bottom of your advanced settings. 

Commodity Code

In this box you need to fill out the commodity code for your product. To find out more about Commodity Codes check this page out: Product Commodity Information

Commodity Description 

In this box you will need to fill out the commodity description for your product. For Example; T-shirt, Sports Clothing etc.

Commodity Composition

In the final box you will need to fill out the commodity composition for your product. For Example; Cotton, Wool, Goods etc.

Once you are happy just click save.

For more information on how to process your first shipment with Shiptheory, see this article here.

If you have any questions or need any help connecting your NotOnTheHighStreet store, please just get in contact with our customer support team, here.