You can send your delivery instructions from Unleashed to Shiptheory, which will then be forwarded to your courier. 

There are 3 fields you can use for your delivery instructions. You can put them on order comments, shipment comments or delivery instructions field. 

Order Comments

Shipment Comments

Delivery Instructions field

To make sure we're picking them up from the correct field, you should set this up on your Unleashed settings in Shiptheory.

1. First, go to your Unleashed integration menu, and scroll down until you see the Advanced Settings.

2. Go to the Where are your Delivery Instructions section, and select which field you use.

3. You can select multiple items by pressing and holding CTRL and then left clicking the options you want to be enabled.

4. Once you're done, scroll up, and hit the Save button.

If you have any questions about this or need assistance with something else, please feel free to contact support. We'd be happy to help!