Using Shiptheory's rules to book shipments with LF&E will allow you to book shipments of 1 or more packages of the same size which, in most instances, is fine. But should you require to booking shipments of mixed package sizes, you can use Shiptheory's Package Sizes to accomplish this.

The steps below will guide you through defining some custom package sizes and booking mixed-package shipments.

Define Custom Packages to use with LF&E

Click here to open the Shiptheory Custom Package Sizes page.

For each package that you will be shipping, you will need to Add a New Package Size. Enter a descriptive name (this can be anything and is not used by LF&) and specify the height, width and length of the package. A weight will be entered when you book your shipments.

Booking a mixed package shipment with LF&E

Click here to open the Shiptheory Rules page and create a new shipping rule with LF&E Transport selected as the courier but leave the delivery service blank. You can add any other conditions you like to this rule.

When your new orders are downloaded into Shiptheory that match this rule, they will show under the Waiting to Ship tab on the shipment dashboard.

Once some orders have been downloaded into your Shiptheory account, select the order(s) you are ready to ship from under the Waiting to Ship tab. Select Create Labels from the Actions menu at the bottom left of the shipments grid.

In the Create Labels popup window, select LF&E and the shipment method you wish to use. To specify the shipment contents type, select from the Enhancements menu  1 .

For each package that will be included in the shipment, select your custom package type from the Package menu  2 , enter the weight and click the button to add a new package row.

Click Create Labels to book the shipment.

If you need any help or have any questions, just get in contact with our support team.