When booking orders with TNT through Shiptheory, they are booked directly into your myTNT account you have linked to Shiptheory. This will allow Shiptheory to produce your TNT labels instantly.

Obviously, you will also want to make sure TNT collect your shipments so they will arrive at their destination. Depending on your situation, a TNT collection can be scheduled one of two ways:

You book shipments with TNT daily:

If you are sending shipments with TNT every day, you can contact your TNT account manager and request a daily collection. TNT will then come each day to collect your shipments, according to the schedule you setup with them.

You don't book with TNT every day:

If you are not going to be booking in shipments every day with TNT, you will need to contact your TNT account manager each day you ship with them. 

With both of these situations, you will also need to produce a TNT paper manifest for the driver. You can find out more on how to produce/edit this on our guide on manifesting with TNT.

Have any questions about this? One of our Support Team will be able to give you a hand!