Within the shipping rules there is an option to update specific details on a shipment when when the rule is matched, by default this option will not change anything on a shipment and will only do so once you specify the fields you want updated. However you may want change the Currency of a shipment that's going to Spain to Euros (EUR) or set the Delivery Instructions of any shipment that is being booked in with a Next Day service to  "Leave Safe".

As of this moment the following fields are available to be updated;

  • Weight - The weight of the shipment in kilos (KG)
  • Boxes - The number of boxes for this shipment
  • Value - The total value of the shipment
  • Currency - The currency associated with the value of the shipment. E.g GBP, USD, etc.
  • Shipping Method - The delivery that the customer paid for at checkout
  • Delivery Instructions - The delivery instruction, E.g "Leave by the bins"
  • Shipping Price - The cost of the shipping that the customer paid for at checkout
  • Reason for Export - Set the reason for export for any shipments matching this rule

If you have any questions about this functionality, feel free to contact support and we'll be happy to help!