To use TNT with Shiptheory you will need to have a TNT ExpressConnect account. This is a free TNT account linked to your main TNT account that allows Shiptheory to book in your orders using your details.

If you do not already have an ExpressConnect account, we can apply for one on your behalf. Simply email our support desk with the information detailed on this guide.

There are a few situations where you do not need to apply for a TNT ExpressConnect account to use with Shiptheory. These can be seen below:

I already have a TNT ExpressConnect Account.

That's great, you're one step closer to shipping with TNT through Shiptheory! The next thing you'll want to do is enter your ExpressConnect details into your account. 

We'll need your ExpressConnect Username, Password, and Account Number to connect with your TNT account.

I have opened a new TNT account but have kept the same Account Number

If you have previously received your TNT ExpressConnect details but have now opened a new TNT account which has kept the old account number, you don't need to do anything.

If not already done, you'll want to make sure your ExpressConnect details have been entered into Shiptheory. You will also want to modify any details in your Shiptheory account to match the new TNT account, such as your Shipping Location.

Still not sure if you need to apply for an ExpressConnect account? Our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand.