Shiptheory supports booking shipments to the Republic of Ireland addresses with The Pallet Network (TPN). Depending on the destination, however, you may need to make amends to the delivery address due to how TPN routes its deliveries.

Unlike with addresses in the UK, The Pallet Network doesn't use a standard "postcode" to identify it's depots in Ireland. As such, Shiptheory requires both a City and Country in Ireland addresses and uses these to identify the collection and/or delivery depot to use to book in shipments.

If it's not possible to make an exact match with the City and County provided in your shipment address, then an error message will be returned with a list of potential matches for you to check. If one of the suggestions is correct, please update your shipment's address accordingly and try again.

For example, if your shipment was meant for Cork Street in Dublin, you would update your address, including the postcode, to:

City: Cork Street

County: Dublin

Postcode: D08

If you have any further questions about shipping to Ireland or need any other help, please just get in contact with our support team who would be happy to help.