This article explains in more detail the Default Number of Air Way Bill Labels setting in your Deutsche Post courier settings and the Number of Air Way Bill Labels option on the End of Day Manifest page.

When manifesting your shipments at the end of each day, once completed, Deutsche Post will return Air Way Bill (AWB) labels to be printed and attached to each mailbag to be collected that day. Dependent on whether you are a Deutsche Post direct customer or a DHL Express customer via Deutsche Post, this option will mean something slightly different, as detailed below.

The Default Number of Air Way Bill Labels setting in your Deutsche Post courier settings simply sets the default value displayed each time you visit the End of Day Manifest page. If you regularly enter e.g. 3 on the Manifests page, you could set this in your carrier settings as a default.

Deutsche Post customers

Where your shipments should be separated into different mailbags and have a different AWB for each mailbag attached, one AWB for each service type will be returned on the completion of the manifest.

If you enter a number greater than 1, all of the returned labels will be duplicated by this number. For example, if you enter 3, all of the AWB labels will be duplicated 3 times.

It is recommended to leave this setting to 1 and for each extra AWB label, you require for any additional mailsacks to simply reprint the relevant page(s) of the PDF.

DHL Express customers

Simply enter the total number of mail sacks you have ready for collection and the correct number of AWB labels will be generated. 

Important: It is not possible to reprint extra copies from the PDF if you have not requested enough as these will be rejected. If you require extra AWB labels, please request these from the Deutsche Post customer portal.

If you have any questions about manifesting or would like some help, feel free to get in contact with our Support Team