At the end of each day, before your shipments are collected by Deutsche Post, you will need to complete your Deutsche Post manifest. This process finalises your shipments for the day with Deutsche Post and generates the Air Way Bills (AWB) that need to be attached to your mailbags for collection.

It is important that you complete the manifest on the day that you dispatch your orders as the information sent to Deutsche Post synchronises with the generated AWB labels and should match the mailbag contents.

If you miss a manifest, any missed shipments will be added to and processed in the next manifest cycle.

How to complete an End-of-Day manifest

From any page in Shiptheory, click on your username in the top-right blue menu, click Deutsche Post and select the Manifest option from the sub-menu:

  1. The number of shipments to be included in the manifest. Shipments with more than one box/parcel are counted as one.

  2. Specify the number of Air Way Bill labels that will be returned ready to print on the completion of the manifest. One Air Way Bill label must be attached to each mailbag to be collected.

    More information about this setting can be found in this article here: Deutsche Post: Number of Air Way Bill Labels

  3. Click Manage Manifest to view each of the shipments to be included in the current manifest.

    You can select to delete any of these shipments from the manifest (for example: if a shipment has been cancelled). Deleted shipments will not be included in the manifest and will not be billed by Deutsche Post.

    Note: Only shipments from the current calendar day are shown on this page.

  4. Click Finalise Manifest to complete the manifest for the day and submit the shipments to Deutsche Post. On successful completion, your Air Way Bills will be displayed ready to print to be attached to your mailbags.

    If there were any errors, these will be displayed for you to check and, once ready, try again.

If you have any questions about manifesting or would like some help, feel free to get in contact with our Support Team