Booking shipments with Shiptheory's rules will normally allow you to book 1 or more pallets of the same size which, in most cases, is great. But if you require more granularity when booking your shipments, you can use Shiptheory's Package Sizes to book shipments of mixed, and custom pallet sizes.

The steps below will guide you through setting up some custom package sizes and booking in a mixed-pallet shipment.

Create Package Sizes to use with The Pallet Network

Click here to open the Shiptheory Custom Package Sizes page.

For each TPN pallet size that you intend to use, you will need to Add a New Package Size with the TPN pallet size code as the name. The valid pallet size codes, description and maximum acceptable dimensions are below:

Maximum Dimensions


1.2m (W) X 1.2m (D) X 0.6m (H)
1.2m (W) X 1.2m (D) X 1.0m (H)
1.2m (W) X 1.2m (D) X 2.2m (H)
Half Oversize
1.2m (W) X 2.4m (D) X 1.0m (H)
Full Oversize
1.2m (W) X 2.4m (D) X 2.2m (H)
XL Pallet Taking 3 Full Pallet Spaces
1 pallet =
1.2m (W) X 1.2m (D) X 2.2m (H)
XL Pallet Taking 4 Full Pallet Spaces
XL Pallet Taking 5 Full Pallet Spaces
XL Pallet Taking 6 Full Pallet Spaces
XL Pallet Taking 7 Full Pallet Spaces
XL Pallet Taking 8 Full Pallet Spaces
XL Pallet Taking 9 Full Pallet Spaces
XL Pallet Taking 10 Full Pallet Spaces
6.0m (W) X 2.4m (D) X 2.2m (H)

Booking Mixed Pallet shipments with The Pallet Network

Click here to open the Shiptheory Rules page and create a new shipping rule with The Pallet Network selected as the courier but leave the delivery service blank. You can add any other conditions you like to this rule.

When your new orders are downloaded into Shiptheory that match this rule, they will show under the Waiting to Ship tab on the shipment dashboard.

Once some orders have been downloaded into your Shiptheory account, select the order(s) you are ready to ship from under the Waiting to Ship tab. Select Create Labels from the Actions menu at the bottom left of the shipments grid.

In the Create Labels popup window, select The Pallet Network and the shipment method you wish to use. Then, for each pallet you wish to include in the shipment, select the pallet type from the Package menu and type in the pallet weight.

For each additional pallet, click the button to add a new package row and click Create Labels to book the shipment.

If you need any help or have any questions, just get in contact with our support team.