Adding Full Value Cover to your shipments with The Pallet Network is as simple as selecting the Full Value Cover enhancement when setting your TPN shipping rules or booking a shipment.

By default, Shiptheory will declare the order value of your shipment as the cover amount. If you wish to declare cover to a different amount, just follow the instructions below.

How to specify a Full Value Cover amount

You can enter a specific FVC cover amount into the shipment's delivery instructions; Shiptheory will then detect and use the value from this field when booking the shipment. The FVC amount declaration will not be included in any delivery instructions sent to the TPN.

Into your delivery instructions field, add the desired Full Value Cover amount on a new line in the following patternĀ (do not add a currency sign):

fvc_amount: 000.00

For example: fvc_amount: 259.40

If you need any further help on this, or anything else, just get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help.