Occasionally, upon searching your Royal Mail Tracking Number for an order in Shiptheory, you may see an update from over a year ago for a new order.

The cause and outcome of this can differ depending on which service you have used to book in your order.

Majority of Royal Mail Services-

For the majority of Royal Mail services, this shouldn't cause any issues and is simply caused by the fact that after an extended period of time, Royal Mail Tracking numbers can be recycled, meaning that you may see an update from an older order.

Although, as soon as an update is received for the newer order, for example, it being delivered, the information shown will update to match the newer, relevant order:

Tracked 24 and Tracked 48 Services-

However, if this is happening with Tracked 24 or 48 services, please get in contact with Shiptheory support, as this is something that we'll be able to look into and rectify for you.