Aramex supports booking Cash on Delivery shipments, but the amount is only allowed to be specified in $USD.

If you have already selected US Dollars as your default currency in your Shiptheory Aramex settings and/or your shipments are specified in US Dollars, then you only need to select the Cash on Delivery shipping enhancement when setting your Aramex shipping rules or booking your shipments.

If you have selected another default currency or shipments are not in US Dollar amounts, please follow the below to specify a Cash on Delivery amount -

How to specify a Cash on Delivery amount

You can enter the collection amount into the shipment's delivery instructions. Shiptheory will then detect and use the value from this field to book the shipment.

Simply add the Cash on the delivery value inĀ US Dollars into your delivery instructions field on a new line in the following pattern (where 000.00 is the amount - do not add a dollar sign):

cod_amount: 000.00

For example: cod_amount: 84.26

You will need to calculate and declare the amount to be collected in US Dollars. All other amounts such as Customs Values will be declared as normal in the currency selected in your Aramex settings or shipment data.