To apply for a TNT ExpressConnect Account you will send the information below to our support desk, this is so that we can apply for your TNT ExpressConnect on your behalf.

For the The number of price requests expected per week and Number of shipments expected per week fields, enter the number of shipments the you would sent to TNT each week.

If you are unsure of what information to enter in a field you will need to contact TNT support or a TNT account manager if you have one.

Company Information

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Postcode/Zip Code:


International Business Telephone Number:

Business Contact Name:

Business Contact Email Address:

Account Details

Preferred ExpressConnect username (maximum 10 characters): 

Preferred ExpressConnect password (maximum 10 characters):

TNT Account Country Code:

TNT Account Number:

TNT Account Name:

Receiver Payee terms allowed? (Y or N): 

The number of price requests expected per week:

The Number of shipments expected per week:

Maximum weight – default 70kg:

Maximum length – default 2.4m:

Maximum height – default 1.5m:

Maximum width – default  1.2m:

Will you be generating the TNT Consignment note number yourselves? (Y or N):