By default, Shiptheory will receive your WooCommerce orders when they are in the Processing status.

The status in which Shiptheory receives the order can actually be changed from within the WooCommerce Settings in your Shiptheory account. So if in the 'Status to Receive Orders' field, you enter 'Completed'. Shiptheory will receive orders once they have been set to 'Completed' in your WooCommerce.

What does Shiptheory update my order's status to?
By default, once an order has been successfully booked in through Shiptheory, the WooCommerce order will be updated to Completed

You are able to change the status it gets updated too, from the advanced settings on the Woocommece Settings Page. Whatever you enter into this box, will be the status Shiptheory updates the orders to. If the box is left blank, the status will not be updated.

Have any questions about this? One of our Support Team would be happy to help!