Our DPD.ie integration has some advanced settings allowing you to customise delivery notification preferences, customs shipments options and more.

To access the advanced settings, click on your username in the top-right blue menu from any page in Shiptheory and select DPD.ie from the drop-down menu. On the settings page, at the bottom-left of the page, click the grey Advanced Settings icon.

If you have not activated DPD.ie in your account, follow this guide on how to connect DPD.ie.

Specify Weight Conditions

If you need to ensure that your shipments are booked at a certain weight or are at least a certain weight, you can set this option.

Select Delivery Notifications

You can set whether your customers receive a text message or email delivery notification.

Select any Alternate Delivery Options

If you are happy for DPD.ie to leave your shipments at one of the listed locations, you can select them from this list. Select Safe Place to enable the Safe Place locations option, below.

Enter any Safe Place locations

You can list any other Safe Place locations that you would be happy for DPD to leave your shipments if your customer isn't available to accept delivery. Separate multiple locations with a comma, for example, Porch, Shed

Enter a Timed Delivery Time

Enter the delivery time to use when booking a Timed Delivery shipment.

Delivery Recipient Type

Generally, are most of your shipments to business or private residential addresses? This is used for international shipment customs declarations.

Select your Shipment Type

Select whether you will be primarily shipping documents or goods with DPD. This is used for international shipment customs declarations.

Customs Charges Responsibility

For international shipments, where there are any customs charges, duties or taxes on arrival at the destination country, who should be responsible for covering these costs?

Pickup at Parcel Shop ID Field

When booking a Pickup at Parcel Shop shipment, from which recipient address line should Shiptheory take the destination parcel shop ID? Please refer to this guide for more information on booking a Pickup at Parcel Shop shipment